Intestinal Candida

Understanding Intestinal Candida

Intestinal Candida is a type of infection that a person can develop either from yeast or from parasites. It can cause a person to see a drastic change in their vision. As a result they may go to see an ophthalmologist. At that point vision problems of a common nature can be ruled out and the individual referred to a physician.

It can often be very hard to determine what is going on with someone. This is because some of the symptoms of Intestinal Candida can resemble those of a mental health nature. In fact, a person many be referred for counseling or to a psychiatrist. They may be put on daily medications for a chemical imbalance when that is absolutely not what they need.

Today more physicians are aware of what can be going on with this health concern though. It was often overlooked because blood testing would come back normal for the individual. It has been determined that Intestinal Candida can be associated with prolonged use of antibiotics. You will notice that most physicians are hesitant to offer them unless absolutely necessary. This is because they can destroy bacteria but they aren’t able to successfully kill any type of yeast.

Individuals that use antibiotics in conjunction with steroids, oral contraceptives, to treat ulcers, and even over the counter antacids are more likely to develop Intestinal Candida. Your physician should go through these risks when they prescribe such medications for you. Even so, most people don’t pay attention or they are given pamphlets with such information at the pharmacy when they pick up their items. They toss them in the trash without reading them.

If Intestinal Candida isn’t taken care of it can have a serious adverse affect on a person’s overall health. This is still an area of health concern where a great deal of research has to be done. However, the education of medical professionals so that they can look for it has drastically reduced the problems with a misdiagnosis.

However, it still continues out there so you do need to be aggressive about it. Learning what you can about this health concern can help you to encourage your doctor to test for it. If they won’t then you certainly owe it to yourself to get a second opinion. You may know someone that has been ill for some reason and the cause can’t be pinpointed. Share your information with then and see if it can help the on the road to recovery.

This type of problem can allow different types of toxins to be released in the body. This is why vision, motor skills, and even personality and behaviors can be altered when a person is suffering from Intestinal Candida. A common symptom is diarrhea and individuals need to be very careful that they don’t end up dehydrated. Skin disorders such as psoriasis can also develop.

The treatment for it may be very long and drawn out in order to offer long term benefits. When it is believed to be associated with yeast the person is going to have to change their dietary habits. Today there are more foods out there that are offered to those on a gluten free diet. You may find that you have to prepare more of your own foods at home though to compensate for such a change.

Medications that can assist with antifungal cleansing can also be offered. They usually don’t have to be used for too long of a person of time. What can be done will have to be evaluated on different levels though. This is because everyone can react differently due to their chemical makeup.